The thirst for more

Hello everyone,

I don’t actually mean that I’m thirsty in the literal sense. I mean that I crave and want more. I have a strong desire at this point in my life, to know certain things. This will change on a daily basis. I may want to  know a good recipe, or what wine goes with a particular vegan dish and so on.

Today, it’s really about what I can do to  successfully make money online and, without breaking the bank, while doing this. I  am blogging to get my thoughts and opinions out there, and I am blogging to see if I can make money, while doing something that I love doing. I guess you could say that it’s like: “killing two birds with one stone”.

I will have to do some research and get more details on this and I will blog about this at some future point in time. For now, I will blog on my free site and see if I have any success with that which is free. I have a feeling that i may need to do some financial investing, but this will be a little further down the road, and I will undoubtedly keep blogging to wherever this road will lead.

Wishing all of you and myself the best of luck and intentions….Cristiana

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