The thirst for more

Hello everyone,

I don’t actually mean that I’m thirsty in the literal sense. I mean that I crave and want more. I have a strong desire at this point in my life, to know certain things. This will change on a daily basis. I may want to  know a good recipe, or what wine goes with a particular vegan dish and so on.

Today, it’s really about what I can do to  successfully make money online and, without breaking the bank, while doing this. I  am blogging to get my thoughts and opinions out there, and I am blogging to see if I can make money, while doing something that I love doing. I guess you could say that it’s like: “killing two birds with one stone”.

I will have to do some research and get more details on this and I will blog about this at some future point in time. For now, I will blog on my free site and see if I have any success with that which is free. I have a feeling that i may need to do some financial investing, but this will be a little further down the road, and I will undoubtedly keep blogging to wherever this road will lead.

Wishing all of you and myself the best of luck and intentions….Cristiana

The beginning of the beginning

Hi everyone!

I find myself on this amazing journey in my life. I want to share with people how wonderful it can be to go back to the lost art of communication. What a nice change it is to go back to the basics and the roots of a family dinner. I know that people have busy lives and work schedules, but surely one hour a week to start, so you can have a sit down meal with your family is definitely worth your efforts. So the best and most creative way to go about it is to ensure that there are no cell phones at the table, the house phone is not to be answered during dinner and create a time when your family can sit, enjoy a lovely meal together and share stories together. You can talk about your day, share jokes, share memories and so on. If you have been estranged from this, you can start re-building and if you have never done this before, then it’s going to be pleasantly surprising at how much fun this can be for all of you. It is going to be a little awkward at first, or a little challenging at the beginning, but stick to it and you will achieve great success at the art of communication! Remember: no cell phones or games or distractions at the dinner table. Be consistent! Be repetitive!

“Any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually”

A new beginning

Hi everyone!

I find myself in total  awww by all this and somewhat excited and a little overwhelmed all at the same time. I know that this is the start of a new beginning for me. A new chapter in my life. I have no idea where this road will take me, but I am willing to work hard and play well, with keeping in mind that this is for me.

I have no-one telling me what, where, when, why and how to write my own chapter and my own destiny. I am hopeful that this is where I will acquire total freedom of mind and that I no longer have to be bound to a 9-5 week, with pressure and deadlines while listening to the latest office gossip and water tower talks which no-one cares about in reality. What color dress who wore, the shoes, the make up and whatever hand bag shall I bring? Whose husband is doing what with whom and who cares if he runs to mama every time you argue! I think I can now concentrate on my creativity and focus on myself and trying to make a profitable home income.

“Any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit”